Sysomos Summit 17 at the BAFTA

Sysomos held its first European Summit at BAFTA in London last week. The platform is a unified, insights-driven social platform that gives marketers the easiest way to, Search, Discover, Listen, Publish, Engage, and Analyze, at scale across earned, owned, and paid media. As you can imagine it was a day filled with insightful facts from guest speakers, the CEO of Sysomos, Peter Heffring, Roy Jacques, the EMEA Managing Director of Sysomos and Erica Jenkins, Chief Product Officer of Sysomos. as well as great guest speakers from The Drum, Unicef, AB InBev, CSM Sport & Entertainment, Cancer Research UK & Twitter. We learnt that by leveraging social media, your business will still exist in five years, this is mainly due to 93% of buying decisions being influenced by social media.

We learnt a number of key social stats throughout the day including:

  • You need to engage consumers within the first eight to ten seconds as people’s attention spans have shrunk to seven seconds on average. To put this into context a goldfish has an eight second attention span.
  • By 2018, video will account for over two thirds of mobile usage.  
  • More people globally own a mobile device than a toothbrush
  • The fastest demographic on twitter is in fact grandparents
  • Two people join LinkedIn every second.

We were presented ‘What AI means for the future of marketing’ by Justin Pearce from The Drum  and a great panel that included Chris Delleca from Unicef, Simon Thresh from AB InBev and Paul Garbett from CSM Sport & Entertainment.  Chris Delleca kicked off the discussion with an interesting fact about man and machine, only 1% believe that AI will take 90%-100% of jobs. The best performers are those who work with AI not against it as it “will force people to be more creative and push those boundaries and challenge their ideas, ensuring it’s meaningful” commented Paul Garbett. Soon we will see a merge of work being product between the bot and the human.

Cecilia Dominici from Cancer Research UK provided us with an insight into the current ‘#Rightnow’ Campaign where people provide updates on their journey. The campaign, is personal and shows how real life stories, with no script nor direction can generate a brand response.  

To See photos from the day follow this link and or more information on Sysomos and the software, click here.