Talk with The Future Comms Leaders

Last Friday we welcomed a talented group of graduates from The Taylor Bennett Foundation to the T/F/D office at Soho Works.  The Taylor Bennett Foundation is an award-winning hands-on PR training programme that supports BAME graduates in their pursuit of a career in communications. Over 10 weeks the trainees receive professional training within different organisations, communications agencies and meet leading practitioners. Practical assignments help them apply their PR skills in a real life environment. Discussions help them understand what communications careers involve.

T/F/D provided the group with first hand advice from Stephanie Forrest (CEO of T/F/D), Sian Aherne (PR director), Victoria Medina (media relations manager), Kristina Antoniou (marketing associate) and Precilia Likolo (marketing intern).

Working together we developed an activity for the group to complete. The results were impressive and each individual demonstrated valuable skills that will enable them to succeed in the PR/communications industry


The Taylor Bennett Trainee’s at T/F/D offices.

Click ‘Talk with T/F/D‘ to watch a short clip of our CEO Stephanie Forrest providing key advice.

The future comms leaders all provided feedback expressed their thoughts and opinions on the day.

“I learnt a great deal about disruptive start-ups, which innovate within their field. Additionally, the team there conveyed strongly the importance of passion in one’s PR work especially in fostering positive working relationships between yourself and clients. This trip was a very positive experience.”- Helen Humphrey 

“The session at T/F/D was one of the highlights of the week. It was a pleasant experience visiting such a unique agency. Really enjoyed doing the task and presenting our ideas to the team at T/F/D.”- Methuselah Tanyanyiwa

“This was a great visit because it was a completely different perspective from what we have experienced so far. Stephanie, in particular, was a real pleasure to talk to. Hearing her story highlighted the importance of working with clients/ideas that you’re passionate about. It was also good to complete a task that involved pitching to the media as we had yet to have done this.”- Samarj Power

“This trip was very different from others because it offered another dimension to PR. It focused on how a company can use its ethical values to push their PR initiatives.”- Lucky Owobu

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