With the launch of TFD, we were after photography that captured not just our face in a flattering light, but also our spirit and who we are: a company that innovates and isn’t scared to show our true colours.

“TFD needed new headshots for their new website, but wanted them to fit in with the brand, not too corporate in style out and about reflecting a alternative/edgy fun energy that reflects her company and staff.” – Dolly Clew

You have a diverse portfolio, which type of shoot briefs really make your creative brain go into overdrive?

I think there’s a current theme running through it, which is people, but they are a diverse bunch that’s for sure from MMA Fighters to Hedge Fund Managers or Advertising folk to Musicians. My brain is always in overdrive if someone is standing in front of me wanting a decent photo of themselves.

How has the industry changed in the last year or so?

Everybody is a lot more visually aware from a photographic point of view these days, which is  usually a good thing.

Is there any new technology that you’ve been using or would like to use?

I just got the new Canon 5ds, the quality is immense, I’m very pleased with it

How do you see photography changing in the future?

It’s a rollercoaster, but the constant theme is people will always want a decent photo of themselves.

What’s your key tip for a unique shooting experience?

Try and keep everyone relaxed and as comfortable as they can be in front of the lens, have fun and try and bury the stress.

Which gadgets can’t you live without?

To be honest I’m not a massive gadget fan, the more gear, the more chance of stuff going wrong on a shoot, which is when it always goes wrong. However photography is all about light so when they are needed my lights are pretty invaluable to me and I must say they give out a beautiful light

What’s your preference; film or digital?

Digital. Film is wonderful and I’d love to experiment with a large format camera one day but that’s not on the horizon at the minute.


Dolly has worked in the music industry for many years, with bands including Massive Attack, Blur and the Chemical Brothers, to then embark on a photography career taking photos for an MMA Organisation called Cage Warriors as their official photographer on their world tour.  Dolly has worked with a diverse range of clients in the UK including The Brits, Mercury Awards, Silver Clef, Nestle, Santander, B&Q and Eon.