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AI Collective

AI Collective

Who are we?

AI has the potential to change how we experience the world, and it’s already transforming industries. As the technology continues to drive innovation and remain at the forefront of global headlines, AI’s developers, investors, and businesses need strategic counsel to make their voices heard in a conversation that’s only growing louder and more complex.

At TFD, we spend a lot of time understanding AI’s possible applications, explaining the importance of AI across industries, how to talk about AI both internally and externally, and even how AI is shaping the way we communicate and what we communicate through (like the image of AI-generated art above).

In response to the rising demand for informed, strategic and impactful communications for AI, TFD formed The AI Collective – an expert practice dedicated to just how important AI will continue to be in the future, how to communicate AI’s intricacies to the media and public, and ensuring our clients’ voices are heard where they need to be most.

We’ll be providing a series of conversations and insights here from our network covering everything from integrating AI into your business, how it’s being used today, and the latest information on what AI is going to look like in the future.

AI in Action: Real-World Applications and Its Impact

AI: Training for Play

Has AI already evolved beyond regulation?

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