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like a Jedi knight

We’re all about connecting with people via the right channels in a way that resonates and makes them Feel different in an algorithmic world.

like a Jedi knight

Power up

Think of us as a powerful, intuitive extension of your business. Part of your team. Your very own lightsaber.

Go global

And what starts small can grow big very quickly because our network extends to all the key markets. In the known universe, that is.

Share data

Our relationship starts with full brand immersion. The strategy, the creative and the success all stem from that sharing of information.

The TFD team has consistently delivered great results, not only in our industry publications, but also taking our spokespeople onto the radio and even into the property section of the Sunday Times. The TFD network provides us with access to excellent PR talent across the world who produce great coverage globally.

Liz Harris, VP Marketing Communications, Entrust

A quantum leap in sustainability for Oxford Instruments

How do you drive the debate about quantum technology being a game changer for sustainability?

First, you make a documentary. To raise awareness of Oxford Instruments NanoScience as thought-leaders and innovators in quantum technology we teamed up with industry influencer The Quantum Insider to produce Quantum Technology: Our Sustainable Future, a powerful film with insights from across the quantum ecosystem including interviews with sustainability experts, representatives from big tech power players like Google and IBM, and start-ups OQC and PsiQuantum.

An online premiere for Oxford Instruments NanoScience employees (250 globally) created internal engagement and an in-person screening with OQC CEO, Ilana Wisby, included a fascinating Q&A session. Other activities in support of the film include an ongoing social media campaign and blog posts focused on content from the documentary.


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"The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do”
- Steve Jobs

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