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pump up the intrigue, not the volume.

Do is about creating, distributing and amplifying compelling, original, authentic and relevant content that tells a story.

pump up the intrigue, not the volume.

Cut through

Ninety-nine per cent of great ideas fall on deaf ears. It’s not that people won’t listen; just that they hear too much.

Tell the Story

Our skill is building a cohesive story across multiple media channels. First rule of storytelling: know your audience. We only speak to people who will listen. Not those with the biggest ears.

Tune in

If you turn up the volume, people turn off. Noise is irritating. People want a tune they can hum.

The coverage the TFD team generated was instrumental in putting The Academy of Robotics on the map internationally. We went from being an almost unknown start-up to receiving enquiries and interest from all around the world.

William Sachiti, founder of the Academy of Robotics

Delivering the first last mile for The Academy of Robotics

Kar-go is the world’s first ‘last-mile’ delivery vehicle, the brainchild of The Academy of Robotics, a UK company competing with global tech giants in the incredibly competitive autonomous vehicle (AV) sector.

The Kar-Go bot could drastically reduce delivery costs by solving the conundrum of last-mile deliveries. Quieter than a drone, smart enough to tackle even unmarked roads. But the launch faced two potential barriers to success: public distrust of automated technology and labyrinthine industry guidelines.

TFD was tasked with helping The Academy of Robotics navigate the guidelines while securing national coverage of the business and the bot itself.


Speak to one of the team

“Productivity is being able to do things that you were never able to do before”
- Franz Kafka

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