emergence looks at the impact of COVID-19 on how we live and work as we emerge

from one of the most disruptive events in recent history.


Podcast Interviewees

Margaret Rice-Jones


Chair, Non Exec Director and Advisor

Bruce Beckloff emergence interview


Co-Founder and CEO, Bloc Ventures

Rachel Bell


Entrepreneur, Mentor, Momentum Creator

Stuart Woods, Vice President of Hexagon Geosystems


Vice President of Hexagon Geosystems

Laura Heathcock, Principal Talent Consultant


Principal Talent Consultant

emergence host

Stephanie Forrest


Founder and CEO, T/F/D

Margaret Rice-Jones, Chair, Non Exec Director and Advisor speaks to T/F/D for their emergence podcast series

I think it’s also critical right now that you look, not just for views that confirm the way you see the world, but you look for counter views too.

– Margaret Rice-Jones, Chair, NED and Advisor

Once we come out a lockdown, I think you’ll see quite a rush to do investments because companies will need to deploy the money that they’ve raised.”

– Bruce Beckloff, Co-Founder and CEO, Bloc Ventures

Bruce Beckloff, Co-Founder and CEO of Bloc Ventures

Topics covered by T/F/D’s emergence series

  • How to keep teams and remote workers engaged virtually

  • The major trends COVID-19 has accelerated

  • Lessons learned from the accelerated shift to remote working

  • Where leaders look for inspiration in testing times

  • How to manage transition effectively

  • How to hold global kick-off meetings virtually

emergence podcast

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