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Millie And Molly Get Lost In Paris

Thursday 20th April 2023

Ah, Paris, the City of Lights. It's a city that hardly needs an introduction.

From the elegant scenes of the Louvre, to coffee and croissants at traditional cafés and bistros, or even champagne beneath the twinkling lights of the ‘Tour Eiffel’ at night, this home of romance and Ratatouille was the destination of our annual away day.

But, as ever, it was the unexpected that made our trip truly memorable!

If you haven’t arrived at the Gare du Nord station before, allow extra time as it’s a labyrinth. After finally locating our Metro line, we boarded the train to Montmartre, only to realise that Molly was not on the train. Her version of events is that the doors of the Metro close somewhat more suddenly than those of London tubes. Instead of ‘Emily in Paris’, the new theme of our trip had become ‘Millie and Molly Get Lost in Paris’ due to the fact that Millie was her travel buddy and therefore partly culpable. Cue Ligia frantically scrawling Molly’s name on a scrap of paper a la airport arrivals to safely welcome her back into the fold and commence the trip to our hotel.

Thursday 20th April 2023

After this brief (mis)adventure, we arrived at the gorgeous Hotel des Arts at the heart of Montmartre, after a short photo opp outside the Moulin Rouge. It would be rude not to! After dropping our bags, we headed out for lunch (the less said about that the better) past the Louvre for a fabulous boat trip on the Seine, where we got some stunning views of the Eiffel Tower from the water. We had only the slightest of scares after sailing under a pyromaniacal riot on the bridge. Never a dull moment.

Drinks at Soho House followed, where only one team member fell asleep following a rather early start to the day.

Dinner was at a gorgeous restaurant with some fabulously creative menu choices, including crab dressed with hibiscus tea, termed ‘Curious Crab’ by some of the table who’d been at the Cremants.

Lights out by 9 pm (CET) after an exhilarating and frankly exhausting day, ready to enjoy our second day in the city.


Friday 21st April 2023

There really is no better way to start the day than a team breakfast at a local cafe with croissants, du pain, chocolat chaud and a mischievous pigeon…

Plenty of strolling the backstreets of the city and a visit to the Rodin museum kick-started day two, as well as a walk around the Sacré-Coeur. This was followed by Moules-frites and a little glass of something fizzy (Orangina) for our last meal together before making the journey back to London. Where we didn’t lose anyone! Hurrah, lessons have been learnt.

Culture, laughs and memories that will last a lifetime - it’s not goodbye Paris, it’s a bientot 🖤

Friday 21st April 2023

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