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Season two of the Emergence podcast, 'The CTO Series' is now LIVE!

Welcome to the second season of TFD’s Emergence podcast! Season 2 is all about interviews with industry leaders who are driving technology, innovation, and disruption across all sectors of business. We aim to expand your knowledge of emerging technology while also exploring what inspires these leaders from a broad spectrum of industries.

In this season, we'll be discussing how recent global events are impacting innovation, what technologies to look out for in 2023, and the challenges facing businesses across various industries. Our amazing guests highlight the importance of collaboration, communication, and learning in driving innovation and attracting and retaining top talent. Furthermore, they discuss the potential of technology to solve complex problems, improve daily lives, and create new opportunities in various sectors.

We're releasing four episodes now, so come and get to know the industry leaders who are driving technological innovation in 2023 and make sure you check in reguluarly as we release more episodes in the series.

We kick off season 2 with an exciting episode featuring Simone Severini, Director of Quantum Computing at Amazon Web Services and a Professor of Physics of Information at University College London. Simone shared his passion for technology and his journey from academia to the tech industry. He explained the basics of quantum computing and its potential applications, such as simulating objects in quantum mechanics and discovering new drugs. Simone also talked about his role at AWS, overseeing four initiatives, including Amazon Braket, a service that provides access to quantum computers for customers today. He is inspired by the challenges of technology and the grand challenges in science and technology, which require a concerted effort to solve big problems.

Our second guest is Johan Jegerajan, CTO of PwC's Consulting business across UK & EMEA. Johan talked about the importance of a human-led, tech-powered approach in building trust and creating positive outcomes for people, business and society. He also shared interesting insights on how PwC empowers its people to innovate and create - and why this helps attract and retain employees.

With transformation all around us, hear Johan’s interesting insights on the importance of collaborating with other organisations, the role of gen Z in innovation and his tips on how to keep up-to-date with tech innovations.

Next up is James Whitebread, Chief Technology Officer of the Royal Opera House. James has always been passionate about technology, starting from a young age with his first computer, a first computer, BBC B. Throughout his career, he has worked across many technology sectors, and during our interview, he discussed his inspirations, including Jeff Bezos from Amazon, and the exciting tech innovations that he's seeing today. He also shared how these innovations will impact the work that he's doing at the Royal Opera House.

To finish off the first tranche of podcasts, host Stephanie Forrest spoke with Rob Elkin, Founding Partner of Rational Partners, was our third guest, who shared his journey in tech and the recent tech innovations that have made a huge impact. Rob stumbled into tech accidentally when he did a couple of modules in computer science while pursuing an electrical engineering degree. He ended up doing some web development on the side and later worked at a consulting firm that was doing software engineering. After a three-year detour as a bank manager, he got back to software engineering and realised that he loved the logic of solving problems using software. Currently, he is on the business side of things and enjoys it too.

When asked about the three tech innovations that have made the biggest impact in recent years, Rob listed AI, remote working, and the miniaturisation of wearables. He also told us that he is keeping an eye on innovation in space.

Stay tuned as we put more content live on the Emergence page including Steven Willson at Dubber and more…

Emergence Podcast Series 02

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