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TFD Wins UK Brief from Pioneering Digital Healthtech Platform Yazen

TFD Wins UK Brief from Pioneering  Digital Healthtech Platform Yazen

LONDON, UK - Yazen, a digital healthcare provider has appointed TFD to launch their offer in the UK.

Following successful launches in Sweden, Spain, The Netherlands and Norway, Yazen has selected impact marketing agency, TFD (Think Feel Do), to launch the brand in the UK in 2024. Yazen is a pioneer in digital health services focusing on comprehensive obesity treatment combining medication and lifestyle changes.

Following a competitive pitch, TFD was appointed by the brand in December. TFD’s brief is to capitalise on the successful launches across Europe to introduce the brand into the UK market.

TFD Director, Gemma Goatly comments, “We are beyond excited to be working with the Yazen team to develop our health tech credentials. The obesity media debate and conflicted opinions on the use of drugs like Ozempic and Wegovy provides us with an opportunity to provide counsel and strategy to navigate Yazen through the new era of weight loss with medication in the UK. Yazen is on the cutting edge of supporting those with obesity to change their lives with long term weight loss results and we are delighted to be a part of that journey.”

Christina Waller Sterner, Chief Marketing Officer at Yazen says, “Following successful launches of the Yazen platform across Europe, we’re excited to be working with TFD to launch Yazen in the UK. We believe the time is right to bring our offer to the UK with over a quarter of the adult population suffering from the obesity disease which is set to grow a further 2.4% annually. The cost-saving implication to both the NHS and the country with the support of a health tech service like Yazen is astronomical and we are proud to be able to support our patients to meet their weight loss goals and crucially, to maintain them. According to Yazen's model, an average weight loss of 9% per year can be achieved with medication alone, while combining medication with lifestyle changes can result in a 16% average weight loss per year.”

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Annabel Clementson, Associate Director, TFD

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T_F.._.D_.. (Think Feel Do) is an impact marketing consultancy working in disruptive tech. We help our clients differentiate their brands by building trust, awareness, reputation and influence. We do this with a clear focus on our clients’ business goals. Understanding the human side of tech is our superpower. We believe that tech has to be given human context. Compelling storytelling allows us to cut through the noise and humanise complex technological and scientific advances.

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