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UKraine Building Bridges For A Better Future

We love a story with a happy ending and so wanted to share a tale about a connection between Adaptavist and Ukraine which TFD has been beyond proud to support.

TFD’s involvement in this story started at the end of 2022, when managing the announcement that Adaptavist had acquired a Ukrainian company, Rozdoum. Rozdoum was also the first resident of Ukraine’s Diia.City to be acquired by an international corporation. This government initiative provides legal and tax incentives to technology businesses in the region, making acquisition by foreign corporations simpler.

The first conference call with Diia.City was from an air raid shelter as a bomb siren had gone off. Their commitment and dedication to the cause was genuinely moving and prompted us to reach out to the Technology Business Editor, Katie Prescott at The Times to pitch a story about how tech could be the driver for rebuilding Ukraine’s economy in the middle of a conflict. This resulted in feature coverage in both print and online.

Once upon a time (in June), the UK government approached Adaptavist to be part of their Ukraine Recovery Conference (URC), to launch a UK-Ukraine TechBridge initiative to support the tech sector in Ukraine.

The next chapter of the story came when Adaptavist was asked to talk at the TechBridge launch, following the Minister of State, Nursrat Ghani's speech, to showcase Rozdoum as a successful case study of why businesses can and should invest in the Ukrainian tech sector. TFD was able to support the Adaptavist spokespeople involved in the acquisition via a media training session to help prepare them for media interviews and to deliver a confident presentation in front of an influential crowd of UK and Ukrainian diplomats, ministers and leaders from the tech and finance world.

TFD also worked with the Head of Ukraine Restructure to get a quote from Andriy Dekhtyar, Founder of Rozdoum, included in the official press release from the Department of Business and Trade. The press release was hosted on GOV.UK which is the 24th most visited website in the country with 133 million monthly views. Check it out here.

TFD leveraged the story further with key trade media including Tech Ukraine, Insurtech Insights and Future Scot.

Ava Maitland and Jari Worsley, who were part of the M&A team at Adaptavist and spoke on behalf of the company at the TechBridge event, spoke eloquently about how the tech industry in Ukraine offers great opportunities driven by extraordinary talents, ingenuity and determination, saying that UK businesses should not be deterred from investing. They highlighted that ongoing investment in Ukraine's tech sector is fundamental to the country's ability to rebuild.

And that is absolutely something that everyone should support. Stay tuned as TFD is delighted to have been asked to speak at an upcoming TechBridge event about how businesses can communicate their story.

If you want to find out more, check out this blog post from Adaptavist.

UKraine Building Bridges For A Better Future

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