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A world first for Space tech

TFD were delighted when exciting space engineering company Gravitilab chose us to head up their comms and marketing to drive secure funding and support their growth to break-even. A totally unique company in such an exciting industry, we couldn’t wait to get started. Gravitilab has a mission to innovate the UK space industry and launch unique commercial space services not just for the UK, but the globe. They achieved a world first by launching their microgravity service in Cornwall. Alongside this, TFD launched its own mission, to make Gravitilab known to both customers and investors.

In February 2023 at Predannack Airfield, Cornwall, Gravitilab’s UAV solution ascended to 2,000 ft, released their patented ‘LOUIS’ drop-pod and achieved a period of microgravity – a world first for generating sustained microgravity using a UAV. With the UK government’s increasing focus on Space strategy and investment into the Space sector (estimated to be worth $469 billion in 2022 and forecast to grow to more than $1.4 trillion by 2030), it’s vital that a launch as important for the future of UK Space as this was championed.

A world first for Space tech

TFD achieved 27 pieces of coverage, including with the BBC, Metro, local media, national and international trades. The video of the launch reached 9k views in 1 month on YouTube, a testament both to the innovation Gravitilab are bringing to the Space industry and the joy TFD have had in supporting them get the word out there. If you haven’t seen the video of LOUIS lifting off yet, be sure to check it out on YouTube. The announcement of the launch on Gravitilab’s Twitter page received 11,700 views, and the LinkedIn post received 234 engagements.

The access to microgravity and other specialist Space conditions provided by Gravitilab’s services are not just for the Space industry, but have wide-reaching R&D benefits for hundreds of industries, from testing satellite hardware to nuclear energy, improving agriculture, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, climate science, semiconductors, communications and cosmetics. Gravitilab is a first-mover and an enabler of timely and cost-effective access to these conditions with both scientific and commercial benefits.

CEO Rob Adlard commented on how important the launch was both for the UK Space industry and microgravity testing from an international viewpoint:

“This is a fantastic collaborative achievement for Gravitilab, the Cornwall Space Cluster, and the UK Space Industry as a whole. The only option for terrestrial microgravity testing until now has been to wait several years for access to a drop tower in Germany, which provides two seconds of microgravity. Our service can be delivered locally, is less expensive and as a result of our demonstration flight, we are on target to offer 5 to 20 seconds of high-quality microgravity using our system.”

A world first for Space tech

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