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Delivering the first last mile

Kar-go is the world’s first ‘last-mile’ delivery vehicle, the brainchild of The Academy of Robotics, a UK company competing with global tech giants in the incredibly competitive autonomous vehicle (AV) sector.

Delivering the first last mile

The Kar-Go bot could drastically reduce delivery costs by solving the conundrum of last-mile deliveries. Quieter than a drone, smart enough to tackle even unmarked roads. But the launch faced two potential barriers to success: public distrust of automated technology and labyrinthine industry guidelines.

TFD was tasked with helping The Academy of Robotics navigate the guidelines while securing national coverage of the business and the bot itself.

What happened next?

Global recognition. The Kar-go story really sparked the imagination of journalists and technology experts across the world. A live streamed event and comprehensive PR strategy resulted in over 66 pieces of secured coverage including Tier 1 publications such as The Times and Independent with an estimated readership of over 1.8 million. Videos and interviews secured with Reuters led to coverage in China Daily, TV Tokyo and brought the story of a small British start-up to the entire planet.

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