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The essential guide to digital etiquette

Adaptavist is the largest Atlassian services provider worldwide, with over 26 products in consultancy, training, hosting, and licensing.

The essential guide to digital etiquette

The brief was to take coverage beyond the trade media to increase brand awareness and create an initiative that Adaptavist could own.

TFD’s response to this challenge was to develop a Digital Etiquette Study as a platform to highlight the challenge of information overload from digital channels and the lack of consensus on accepted behaviour.

With the dramatic shift to remote and hybrid working during the pandemic, TFD pivoted the study to incorporate this wider context and identified ‘The Rise of the Invisible Workforce’.

We surveyed more than 4,000 global workers to discover what’s working and not working in today’s digital workplace and how employees and leaders feel about the journey ahead.


Did it work?

Since the first Digital Etiquette Report was produced in 2020 the initiative has grown year-on-year from 39 pieces of coverage in 2020 to 217 online across the UK, Australia and the US as well as 12 national radio interviews with key experts and spokespeople in the UK. The total reach was 3.6 million with a year-on-year increase in coverage of 482%.

Tangible results include a spike in traffic to when the PR campaign launched as well as 80.2% new users.

Now in its third year of implementation, Digital Etiquette continues to grow and evolve ensuring Adaptavist is positioned as a thought leader in the ever-changing future of work debate. Watch this space for the evolution of Digital Etiquette 2022.


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