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The New World of Work

For the third consecutive year, TFD embarked on a global Digital Etiquette survey to gauge worker and management sentiment regarding workplace tools, processes and people management issues. But this year it evolved into the, drumroll please…‘Future of Work Report’.

In the summer of 2022, over 3400 people across the US, UK, Canada, and Australia told us how they felt about the new world of work, with some eye-opening results!

This year’s survey shone a spotlight on the state of work post-pandemic. How employers retain people in an unsettled market. How much new ways of working impact our wellbeing. Whether our collaboration tools are fit for purpose. And what type of flexibility people really want. Our lead news hook for media was identifying the Cost of Working crisis around employees' anxiety about returning to an office full-time post-pandemic which tied into the current news agenda around the cost of living crisis. We recruited leading psychotherapist and mental health expert, Petra Velzeboer, to act as the voice of the campaign and provide invaluable insights and advice. We ❤️ Petra and everything she has to teach us about mental health wellbeing in the workplace.


The results of the survey – and subsequent promotion of its findings – served to position Adaptavist as thought leaders in workplace management/ transformation and provide a tool to help PR create a steady stream of activity to continue building brand visibility and awareness across multiple territories.

This year, TFD seeked to build upon the awareness from previous years by leveraging what worked well and adding new components to drive further uptake. By developing a multifaceted campaign we were able to deliver for the business across lead gen, employee engagement, and brand awareness. It is this initiative that gets Adaptavist column inches beyond the traditional tier-one trade media to engage with our target audience on a larger scale via broadcast and national media.


PR Goals

  • Increase brand awareness: to drive lead generation
  • Position Adaptavist as market leaders and experts
  • Educate the market: define Adaptavist tools to help entreprises and knowledge workers identify solutions

Did it work?

Results to date include 12 x radio stations including BBC plus 27 x onlines with a reach of 37.8M+ via UVPM measure. Social posts reached over 300k and there was a spike in traffic to with 632 page views on the day of launch with 1,692 monthly page views to date.

TFD also hosted an employee engagement pre launch event via a virtual show & tell which garnered 190 participants - a record for Adaptavist and key to ensure the employees were sharing content with their networks.

This research report really is the gift that keeps on giving with ‘still to come’ activity via an Adaptavist podcast featuring Petra as the special guest, plus a sponsored article on entitled, ‘The biggest challenge facing CIOs has nothing to do with information or tech’. Evergreen content was also produced via a fireside chat with our expert, Petra and The Head of Organisational Transformation at Adaptavist.

Did it work?

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