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Decoding post-quantum cryptography with Entrust

In the high-stakes realm of digital security, staying ahead of the latest threats is the number one challenge. The advent of quantum computing promises to completely rewrite the rules of the cybersecurity landscape by rendering current encryption methods obsolete against quantum-powered hacking.

Recognising the threat quantum technologies pose to cyber defences, digital security leader Entrust aimed to establish itself as an authority at the forefront of guiding the transition to a quantum-safe future. Leveraging TFD’s expertise and relationships within the Quantum sector, Entrust enlisted us to promote its thought leadership on Post-Quantum cyber readiness with the UK industry media.


Entrust needed to present its knowledge on a complex subject in a compelling manner, in an area with high potential for confusion, misunderstanding and ambiguity. Its unique perspective had to capture the attention of the media and prospects alike.

Entrust Quantum Case Study

What we did

TFD thrives on conveying even the most complex technological concepts as compelling narratives for a wide range of audiences. Drawing from our wealth of experience in shaping thought leadership and media strategies, we set out to crystallise Entrust’s position as a visionary in the Post-Quantum field.

The first step was to identify key thought leaders within Entrust and the most pertinent aspects of their Post-Quantum expertise. Then, we worked closely with Entrust experts to decode key dimensions of quantum-safe security into digestible concepts. With this, the team developed a unique narrative to position Entrust as an authoritative voice on Post-Quantum cybersecurity, able to provide technology and algorithms to defend in the Post-Quantum era, while aligning the narrative with the interests and knowledge level of the target audience.

Entrust Quantum Case Study

Did it work?

This strategy proved to be highly successful. Over the course of a 12-month period, Entrust received 28 unique media hits on post-quantum, reaching an audience of over 2.4 million, a 1788% year on year rise in impressions. TFD generated widespread trade media coverage, cementing Entrust as an authoritative pioneer in the development of Post-Quantum readiness. This included high-level coverage in prominent technology and cybersecurity publications, showcasing TFD's ability to deliver targeted media coverage on specific, client-requested themes. In the accelerating global race to quantum-proof cyber defences, these impressive results ensured Entrust broke decisively from the pack as frontrunners. TFD empowered Entrust to capture the media's imagination while securing its status as trustworthy guides and technological experts in the post-quantum digital landscape.

Entrust Quantum Case Study

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