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Dubber: Navigating a Crowded AI Market to Seize The ‘Moment’

TFD faced a challenge in promoting Dubber's launch of its flagship AI product, Moments - gaining  attention in a highly saturated media landscape. As world experts in call recording, Dubber understood the need for more intelligent voice solutions, developing an innovative AI product called Moments, trained to comprehend and extract insights from business conversations. An innovative product, for sure. But we’ve all seen how awash the media is with AI stories. Attempting to differentiate a brand new product amid leaders like OpenAI and Anthropic is no easy task. However, that’s exactly what we accomplished.

Prepare by Positioning

TFD's strategy was not to navigate someone else’s crowded space, but to create our own. This started with separating Dubber from the pack of Generative AI giants through positioning. By focussing on Dubber as a leader of a new category called Conversation Intelligence, we were able to portray it in a unique light. Not just ‘another AI company’ chasing the hype. Then, we set our sights beyond Dubber's traditional telecom audience, targeting top-tier national and vertical publications. Our pitch on Moments was not just about the product, but about the future - painting a picture of what AI’s impact on conversation could become.

Media Success

Broadening our targets and carving out a new category set the stage for a targeted media push. The highlight of our media campaign was a feature-length interview with Dubber’s CEO in UC Today, one of the industry’s largest telecom publications. This in-depth coverage allowed us to delve into the nuances of Moments, showcasing its potential and placing it firmly on the radar of industry experts.

But ambitions didn't stop there. Our outreach to journalists on the potential applications for Conversation Intelligence in hospitals, financial services, and more created a buzz in several key trade publications. Leading health tech and fintech publications ran stories on the future of Conversation intelligence.

Months later, this momentum (pardon the pun) was crowned with a feature piece in none other than Business Insider. The article was dedicated to the exciting developments in  AI and voice, and not only referenced Moments directly, but also included the term Conversation Intelligence, and direct quotes from Dubber CEO, Steve McGovern.

Award Strategy and Wins

Alongside media outreach, we implemented a meticulous award strategy to further establish industry credibility and recognition for Moments. The awards sphere can be just as competitive as media pitching, so we researched the most prestigious events aligned with Dubber's focus areas.

We targeted awards known for rigorous evaluation criteria based on innovation, viability and market impact. The awards submissions highlighted Moments's advanced natural language capabilities and potential as a business success differentiator and secured significant recognition in a matter of months for this newly launched product against established competitors. Most notably, Moments won the Cog X Award for ‘Best AI Product in Telecom’, Platinum Winner of Best AI Innovation in Telco from the Future Digital Awards, and the Most Innovative Enterprise Product of the Year from the Best in Biz Awards.

These awards validated Moments both as an industry leader in Conversation Intelligence and as a product set to revolutionise business operations across industries. This orchestrated 1-2 punch of earned media coverage and validation via awards helped rapidly accelerate the momentum for Moments.

There’s No Silver Bullet

The Moments launch has taught us that there is no such thing as a silver bullet. Strategic communications, tailored specifically for the client and its technology, are essential. In a world of rapidly advancing tech and a shifting media landscape, cookie-cutter approaches no longer suffice. As an agency, you need to deeply understand the client’s technology and also keep your finger on the pulse of market trends to determine the right strategy.

With Moments, our bespoke approach - blending strategic positioning to stand out in a crowded space, targeted media pitching, and a meticulous awards strategy - helped propel Moments into the limelight. This proves that even in a saturated market, with the right strategic communication and foresight, remarkable success can be achieved.

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