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Quantum Industry Calls For Diversity And Collaboration

The UK is currently one of the leading markets globally in quantum, an industry predicted to be worth $31.7 billion by 2026, but more needs to be done in relation to accessibility and collaboration to ensure its continued success.

Oxford Instruments NanoScience wanted to raise awareness of the opportunities in quantum to accelerate commercialisation. So, TFD partnered with The Quantum Insider to produce a “Quantum Technology | Working in Quantum” video series. The campaign emphasised how a diverse workforce will be a keystone of success for the future of quantum.

In order to position Oxford Instruments as thought leaders within the quantum ecosystem, TFD built on the success of the “Quantum Technology | Our Sustainable Future” that we produced in 2021. This approach allowed us to create an ongoing conversation with the previously engaged audience. On the one hand, industry diversity is necessary to facilitate the successful commercialisation of quantum. On the other hand, industry leaders must consider that those who design the quantum ecosystem today will determine who can benefit from it in the future. The campaign was pivoted to show how diversity in quantum is as much an issue of ethics as it is one of commercial efficacy.

Working In Quantum

Did it work?

Through the series, we secured involvement from major leaders within the quantum ecosystem including Amazon, QED-C and Oxford Quantum Circuits – who highlighted the importance of creating a diverse workforce, collaboration and broad talent pool to support industry innovation. Over 100 employees attended the internal premiere hosted at Oxford Instruments’ Tubney office to get engaged for the campaign and drive awareness on social media. The employee premiere included guest speaker Natalia Ares, Associate Professor in Engineering Science from the Department of Engineering Science at Oxford University.

A content series focused on working in quantum which talks to other industry leaders including the NQCC as well as BEIS was also produced to broaden the debate.

Working In Quantum

As part of the campaign, national and regional radio stations were secured including LBC News, Konnect FM, Gateway Radio and Black Diamond FM. Plus coverage in key industry media blog post, on “Industry Leaders Demand Quantum Accessibility for All”.

Within its first month of launching, the videos combined received over 1,850 views on YouTube. This attracted 740 reactions on Twitter and LinkedIn across the Oxford Instruments NanoScience Page and The Quantum Insider’s page. The NanoScience page also attracted over 170 followers and over 20,000 impressions across both the LinkedIn showcase and Twitter pages. Finally, the ‘Working in Quantum” campaign drove 344 website visits.

Working In Quantum

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